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Accountability Counseling Services believes in using Solution Focused Therapy and providing high-quality counseling services utilizing other different therapy techniques as well.
 Western WAPierce County
       (on sabbatical)
  Eastern WA  Tri-Cities
      (on sabbatical)
         License#  MG60126429LH60450295LF60240846 (pending exam)
Dr. Geri Magee, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (pending), Licensed Mental Health Counselor, CSA and CEP with a private practice in Pierce County and Tri-Cities in Washington. She has a Doctoral in Divination and Diversity, a Masters Degree in Behavioral Health/Systems Counseling and a dual Bachelors degree in Business Globalization Law/Psychology.
Dr. Magee works with individuals, couples, teens, families, military, seniors and groups//teams.  She has over 22 years of experience in working as an individual/couple/family therapist, organizational trainer, consultant and executive coach.
Geri works in close collaboration with other health care professionals and legal professionals to provide the best possible care for shared clientele.
Geri works with military individuals and families with deployment, reintegration; daily life routine and personal/professional issues confidentially.
Geri works as a Mediation Counselor by aiding couples with the division of their assets and leaving the relationship amicably for them and possibly children and family/friends/
Geri a Certified Anger Management Therapist who has been working with Anger Management/Domestic Violence clients in the Pierce County and Tri-Cities Area courts, attorneys, and probation officers since 1996. Bringing reliable high standards of mental health care to my patients. 

Providing mental health assessments/evaluation and treatment. 
Geri work with accident and injury attorneys and clientele with with persistent anxiety and PTSD.
Geri has been a Certified Estate Planner and Financial Planner, since 1982.  As a Certified Senior Adviser (specialist in Gerontology) she aides individuals and couples utilizing the field of Psychology and th topic of long term care ect...
Areas specialized in:     
* Individual Counseling  
* Couples Counseling
* Child Counseling
* Teen Counseling
* Family Counseling 
* Family Law (mediation/parenting/collaboration)
* Career Coaching  
* Grief and Loss 
* Anger Management Therapist
* Domestic Violence
* Mediation Specialist
* Gastrobypass Evaluations
* Gastrobypass Counseling
* Trauma   
* Pre/Post Surgical Depression
* Postpartum Depression
* Family Preservation
* Deployment/Reintegration
* Self Esteem 
* Intimacy/Sexuality
* Sports Psychology
* Behavior Disorders  
* Art and Play Therapy
* Mindfulness/Relaxation Therapy
* Depression and Anxiety
* 12 Step Support 
* Relapse Prevention 
* Cultural Diversity
* Spirituality
* Medication Management
* Money Management
* Group Therapy
* Team Building Skills

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